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Course title VoLTE
Course description The voice service over LTE must handle handover from legacy networks. The main focus of this course is the interoperability between GSM/UMTS core and EPC. It also provides a detailed level of IMS and QoS framework in conjunction with services as VoIP, SMS and video calls. Traffic cases will describe handover and mobility over different access and core technologies.
Who would benefit Engineers working in 3GPP networks with R&D and O&M, requiring a good understanding of the interworking and interoperability between the different technologies providing voice services in LTE networks.
Prerequisites Experience of 3GPP technologies is an advantage but not compulsory.
Length 2 Days
Course content
  • Network Evolution
  • Interworking Network Architecture
  • IMS Architecture
  • Interworking building blocks
  • PLMN and Cell selection/ reselection
  • Idle mode Interworking and Mobility
  • Connected mode Interworking and Mobility
  • Circuit Switched Interworking
  • Packet Switched Interworking
Detailed course program Network Evolution
  • Overview of 3GPP Releases
  • Role of different access and core technologies and IMS
  • Interworking architecture
  • Overview of interworking scenarios
Interworking Network Architecture
  • Roaming and non-roaming architecture
  • Network identities
  • Network between UMTS/GSM and EPC - S3, S4, S12, Gp, Gn and Gr
IMS Architecture
  • CSCF, MGCF, HSS, MGW, PCRF and AS roles
  • Signalling protocols - SIP and SDP, Megaco and Diameter
  • IMS addressing
Interworking building blocks
  • System information delivery
  • RAN information management ( RIM )
  • Covey and the Handover command
  • Measurement report and control
  • Security and QoS requirements and considerations
  • Handover algorithms
PLMN and Cell selection/ reselection
  • PLMN selection and network sharing
  • GSM, UMTS and LTE cell selection criteria
  • Network controled cell selection
  • Offset vs priority based reselection
  • Signalling of Inter-RAT UE capabilities
Idle mode Interworking and Mobility
  • Idle mode cell selection
  • Inter-RAT Tracking/ Routing Arena update
  • Idle mode signallingreduction (ISR)
  • 'TIN' concept and mapping between GUTI and PTMSI/RAI
  • Subscriber Profile Id for RAT/frequency priority usage
Connected mode Interworking and Mobility
  • Network control of Inter-RAT meassurements
  • Meassurement quantities (RSRP, RSSI, RSCP..)
  • Connected mode IRAT HO
  • Inter RAT event reporting in LTE
  • QoS mapping
  • Cell search in GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN
  • Compressed mode and meassurement gaps
Circuit Switched Interworking
  • CS fallback
  • SRVCC solution
  • IMS service centralization and continuity
Packet Switched Interworking
  • PS Handover and NACC between E-UTRAN and GERAN
  • PS Handover/relocation between e-UTRAN and UTRAN
  • Transparent forwarding of RAN protocol containers
  • Always-on EPS bearer concept vs on-demand contexts
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